Technical work on pools: NILU, ETHO, MOAC (PPLNS), PIRL (SOLO), DBIX (PPLNS). Moving

05/01/19 at 18:00 (MSC) technical works will be carried out (moving to a new server) on the following coins:


To make the moving process as comfortable as possible for you, you will need to specify an additional address in the configuration:

The backup address is specified in the file epools.txt
Specify domain name:
For example, it was:, will become

If you have HiveOS, it is necessary to activate an additional server with a domain

This is necessary not to wait for the change of zones, and when you disconnect the old pool, you are automatically transferred to a new address.

Fork Ryo Currency (Lorentz Transform Running SOLO Pool (Testnet)

FFebruary 14, 2019 on the block number 228750, approximately at 15.00 (Moscow time), will be updated to version In this patch there will be 5 big updates, 2 of them for the first time among any Cryptonote projects + developed by the Ryo team, a unique, mining algorithm Cryptonight-GPU:

  • New, anonymous payment ID system.
  • Ring size increased to 25.
  • Bulletproof.
  • New algorithm for adjusting network difficulty.
  • New CN-GPU mining algorithm

More information you can find here

We are one of the first to launch SOLO Ryo Pool (RYO) on the New CN-GPU Algorithm.

At the moment, we have made a public testnet pool for preliminary testing and setting up video cards before the fork. After updating Lorentz Transform, the pool automatically switches to the core network. No additional actions from miners are required..

Customize your miners and farms – we are waiting for you at the start of mining after updating the network!

Launch of a system to combat unscrupulous miners

In the test mode, we launched an automatic system to combat the miners who send the ball (this increases the success of the pool and the overall profitability of all miners as a whole).

Since the bot is just debugging, the common miners of our pool may be blocked.
If this happened to your rigs: contact the administrators of the pool through an online form on the site or a telegram group. We will quickly solve the problem.

Please treat with understanding – this is necessary for comfortable mining of our users. thank.

Changes in the threshold of payments. Important!

Pay your attention! The pools have been updated due to the change in the minimum payout threshold on most coins!

Payment thresholds are automatically set at this time:

  • CLO – 250
  • DBIX – 1
  • ETHO – 5
  • MOAC – 2.1
  • MUSIC – 500
  • NILU – 50
  • NILU (SOLO) – 50
  • B2G – 3.1
  • ETC – 1
  • EXP – 1
  • PIRL – 2.5
  • REOSC – 125

If you are not satisfied with the current payout thresholds, then you can always change them manually in your personal account of the miner in the Set payment tab. The minimum possible threshold for manual installation is specified in the same tab.

important! If you decide to change the minimum payment to MOAC or B2G, then remember that there is a minimum threshold for crediting coins to the Coinbene exchange (the most popular at the moment for these coins). It is equal to the number of coins in the block (2 for MOAC and 3 for B2G). Amount different from the minimum possible for this exchange will not be credited!
Be careful.

Technical work on the pool (13.12.18)

12/13/2018 at 18:00 (Moscow time) the technical works will be held (pool update). At the time of the update (5-10 minutes), mining will be unavailable. The following pools are also planned to be moved to the new server-side equipment.:

  • TUBE
  • RYO
  • ETHO

Please note that ETHO and RYO ports will change to connect miners:

  • RYO: 3301, 3302, 3303
  • ETHO: PPLNS – 1010, SOLO – 1011

Mining profitability calculation

Now the profitability of mining on the personal page of the miner operates with actual data (how much your rigs got in reality), but not predictable. Please note that the corresponding numbers may not appear immediately, but after some time (30 seconds). Do not update the page – it will not speed up the calculation process, but rather launch it on a new one..

Changing the address of the personal statistics miner API

To speed up and make the interface more secure, we made a number of positive changes. But we will not go into details, but only explain those points that relate directly to you – the miners.

So, if you used the API to collect statistics from third-party applications, then now you have to make changes to the final URL. The standard is now one. for example: 

The above is an example for a Pirl coin. What do you need to change? Decrypt 🙂

coin=pirl – change “pirl” on the coin of interest. (coin code only)
type=00 – pplns pool, 1 – respectively solo.
acc=0x61bc2899d5ecb73626aabeea82be40cc15fd36fc – your miner’s address.

That’s so simple. It is possible and even easier:
go to your personal statistics on the pool, click the tab – “API & Explorer” and go to the appropriate link.

There are questions – write to us. We will definitely help.