What happened to the Cryptopia exchange?

17.02.18 at the Cryptopia Exchange Pirl and Hush wallets (and not only) stopped working. Totally about 50 coins are off. Prior to this, this happened quite often (the mode of servicing the wallet is the usual thing), but all problems were solved in 1-2 days. The current situation began to disturb not only us, but entire communities (in the same Pirl’s discord, there is a wild discussion of this problem)

Since no statements from the stock exchange or its representatives have been received (I do not say anything about tickers), we decided to look for information on the network ourselves. And as always happens, it was not necessary to look for a long time. The statements were still there and just had to look at the right place 🙂 The answer was found on the official website of the Cryptopia stock exchange.

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