Crypto currency MOAC – a serious competitor for Ethereum and EOS

The MOAC was created to compete for Ethereum and EOS in all respects. The network is formed on the basis of blockade technology. The management is based in China. When the ether appeared in the crypto-currency arena in 2015, many began to try to improve the system. If Ethereum was a second-generation crypto currency, then MOAC can be attributed to the third generation.

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Review Akroma Coin

Review Akroma Coin

In the network Ethereum regularly appear new block projects. Some of them are of interest, thanks to the opportunities offered to users. Based on the technology of smart contracts, they provide a high level of reliability and security. Some developers create platforms that develop the idea created by the team of Vitalik Buterin. These include the creators of Akroma coin (AKA). The project successfully conducted the ICO and launched the main network.

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Overview of the coin Ether-1 (ETHO).

Coin Ether-1 coin is the etherium forfeit, that is, the ERC-20 token, operating in the general network of the block. According to the developer, the crypt is designed to motivate people to make a general contribution to the creation of an effective consensus mechanism. It should also encourage users to manage their projects. A scheme similar to DNS is used for data transmission. This will ensure the integrity of the system on the basis of public consent.

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What is cold staking on the Callisto network (CLO) and how is it useful for coin holders?

Callisto Network is one of the most promising currencies in the modern market, which was created by the developers of the Ethereum Classic system. The creation of Callisto Coin entailed the development of protocols for koldstaking, which allows you to reward CLO owners only for the fact that they own this crypt.

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Дорожная карта (RoadMap) проекта MoneroV (XMV)

MoneroV (XMV)

Наш пул MoneroV


MoneroV представляет собой проект сообщества, направленный на создание ограниченного количества монет в жестком ответвлении криптовалюты Monero с новым масштабируемым алгоритмом блокчейна. Идея заключается в создании децентрализованной среды, в которой профессиональные разработчики, выбранные сообществом, будут улучшать, упрощать и развивать MoneroV, масштабируя эту криптовалюту для массового применения. Первоначальная цель Monero заключалась в создании конфиденциальной цифровой валюты. Однако консервативное, централизованное ядро управления небольшим количеством медленных процессов разработки препятствовало вхождению в проект новых пользователей и технологий.

Более быстрый процесс развития основан на программах субсидий, что позволит новым людям по всему миру принять участие, и может привести к тому, что MoneroV станет первой конфиденциальной цифровой валютой с открытыми бесконечными возможностями развития, которую будут использовать миллионы людей. Кроме того, MoneroV находится под эгидой основных принципов австрийской школы экономики, контролируя все монеты MoneroV, которые могут быть созданы, отделившись от структуры Monero с ее бесконечным источником монет.

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We configure the MoneroV (XMV) mining on the pool

Very soon there will be a MonfortV (XMV) and we have prepared our own pool for this event. In this article, we would like to share our recommendations and instructions for successfully mining XMV on our pool. A full review of the new coin we published in yesterday’s material. If someone missed, then here’s link.

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MoneroV (XMV) – the best digital currency in the world

The Best Private Digital Currency in the World.

This is how the developers of MoneroV (XMV) hardcore are put on the pages of the official website of the coin. And very even justified. Let’s understand that we have prepared the first fork of one of the most powerful crypto-currency projects.

Пул майнинга MoneroV (XMV)

MoneroV is a private, anonymous, decentralized and protected currency based on the Monero blockbuster. A snapshot of the network will occur on the block # 1564965. Airdrop provides for the charging of XMV coins to all Monero holders in a ratio of 10 to 1 (for example, 0.5 XMR will be charged 5 XMV).

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Callisto network (CLO) – a promising project from ETC developers

Our Mining Pool Callisto (CLO)
UPDATED: Callisto launch delayed until April 15.

Soon (March 23) we are waiting for the official start of the main network Callisto. This is a very expected event among the miners – we received a huge number of questions concerning this particular coin. Since to respond to all operatively and in essence is not possible, we decided to write a separate article, in which we try to disassemble the main information on the CLO. And start with the technical part.

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