Updating the pool engine on MoneroV (XMV)

We are glad to inform you that the work on updating the MoneroV pool software (XMV) was successful! So, what’s new:

  • Fixed incorrect display of addresses with payment ID in the general list of miners.
  • Fixed display of graphical statistics for addresses with payment id.
  • Added support for integrated addresses.
  • Now you can use the names of rigs. They are displayed in the personal statistics of the miner. As a rule, the name of the rig is specified in the configuration file in the password field.
  • Possibility of installing the miner in manual mode with a minimum payout to its address. To do this, switch to the “Set up payments” tab and enter the purse, ip (from which the farm is connected to the pool) and the amount value. Minimum of 0.5 XMV.
  • Telegram-notification (at the testing stage).
  • Correcting errors and improving the security of the pool.

In turn, a few more significant improvements and improvements, but about them in their time 😉

Join us – we are waiting for you on our pool!

Activation of paymentID support on XMV and deactivation of the commission.

Finished work on the introduction of the possibility of mining MoneroV (XMV) directly to exchange purses!

If you want to carry out the mining on a stock exchange purse, you will have to use the paymentID. You can get it in the personal office of your stock exchange by clicking the XMV purse “deposit” or “replenishment” (on different stock exchanges it can be called differently). The primary address and paymentID are displayed. The general rule of using paymentID for our pool is as follows:


Important! Please note that it is necessary to separate the address and id exactly by the symbol – @! Be careful.

P.S… Bonus!

Also, until June 21 (June 21, 188) we completely disable the commission on the XMV pool.

Connect! With us it is profitable!

Up-to-date information on the launch of the MoneroV network

запуск сети XMV

Confirmed the final information on the launch of the network XMV:

Note about the mainnet release. We thought we would be able to release everything tonight but there was a delay due to the git repository that had to be uploaded onto a clean slate due to copyright concerns. This caused us to update the buildbot pipeline which took time. Everything is in place and ready including the CLI and GUI wallets. Since it’s only fair to release it while everyone including users, pools, exchanges are online, we will be releasing the mainnet including the wallets, the github repository and all its dependencies tomorrow at 17:00 UTC.

The network will be launched on May 8 at 20:00 Moscow time!

Right after that, there will be distributions of software required to run the pools. It will take us a little time to fix everything and start mining.

We hope that the MoneroV team will not fail!

When is the start of the MoneroV network and mining?


According to the latest data from the development team, we can conclude that the launch will take place tonight. That is, from 6th to 7th May . We do not know the exact time.

We came to such conclusion after communicating with one of the leading developers of XMV. Here is part of the dialogue from our communication through the Telegram:

BaikalMine: “Hey. Should we wait for the launch of the network today? Or can I go on vacation?”
Team XMV: “It will probably happen tomorrow at night”
BaikalMine: “that is, from 6 to 7 May. Right? What is your time zone?”
Team XMV: “yep GMT+1”

In any case, our pool is ready for launch. It remains to watch the repository and react quickly at the right time.

From us, about the start of mining of MoneroV, you will learn (in the first place) from our channel Telegram. We will fix the record. And only then through the other channels of communication with users (VC, Twitter, etc.). follow the news.

Fork MoneroV (XMV) and launching the pool

pool monerov xmv

Approximately on May 3-4, the launch of MoneroV’s first basic MoneroV (XMV) fork will take place (the snapshot of the network will occur on the block # 1564965). This is undoubtedly an important event in the world of crypto-currencies and we could not bypass it.

Therefore, they prepared to launch their own XMV extraction pool! At the moment, the stage has been completely tested and our pool is ready to receive all the miners wishing to mock a new coin.

In the next 3 days we will publish an exhaustive article, in which we will tell about all the key features of MoneroV, and also we will post the instruction on the correct setting of the mining of hardforks.
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