What is cold staking on the Callisto network (CLO) and how is it useful for coin holders?

Callisto Network is one of the most promising currencies in the modern market, which was created by the developers of the Ethereum Classic system. The creation of Callisto Coin entailed the development of protocols for koldstaking, which allows you to reward CLO owners only for the fact that they own this crypt.

What is Coldstaking?

Cold staking is a process that is based on smart contact and the possibility for Callisto owners (CLOs) to receive interest rates for future currency issues, when users keep this crypto currency on their personal balance (the standard period is one month).

Participants in koststaking should not run a node in order to participate in the cold process. They do not check transactions, and the system entirely remains POW. And this is important enough, as Euthereum Classic adheres to the consensus in relation to POW. In order to become a cold staker, you just need to name the “Lease Agreement”.

The introduction of koldstaking in the world of crypto-currency and finance in general, makes it possible to turn the required crypt into a currency for the storage of valuables, since this makes it possible to significantly increase the general demand for holders of promotional packages. The appearance of such an opportunity will allow users and owners of electronic coins to earn effortlessly without special efforts, which can noticeably squeeze Callisto mining.

Coldsticking protocol

Creation and participation in this project allows to solve such problems as:

  • Stimulation of the owners of coins does not part with the crypto currency, and store it in the status of “value”.
  • Restore the balance between interest and influence in the network. For today the balance is noticeably directed towards miners.
  • The appearance of a reliable and working control system.

In order to be able to receive remuneration and become a participant in koldstaking, the user must adhere to the following rules:

  • Maintain activity – if during the user does not support his own activity, then he is removed from the contract and he will not receive any rewards.
  • Cold staker should indicate only his deposit account. Payment is carried out only by personal balance. There is also no possibility to receive remuneration on its own behalf by anyone.
  • Wait until the end of the lockout period. After registration of the contract, the participant’s personal funds are blocked for approximately one month. During this period, the user does not clean access to their funds, and after the end of the lock has the right to pick up the reward.

Thus, cold staking is a real way to earn a decent income by owning a CLO. The current Callisto course gives hope for the prosperity of this system, thanks to which thousands of investors from all over the world have already become interested in it.

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