Callisto (CLO) Mining Pool Callisto (CLO). PPLNS.
General statistics
Warning!!! 12.11.18 at 15:00 (Moscow time) the Callisto pool (CLO) was successfully transferred to the new server. If your farms cannot connect using the old settings, change the address and port of the pool: Replace with
These addresses will always be relevant, nothing else will have to be changed.
If you can not see the statistics of the miner and the pool on the site, then your Internet provider has not yet updated the data. Do not worry about this, the server is working properly and mining will go in normal mode. This kind of update is different for each operator and can take from 5 minutes to 72 hours.
Thank you for your understanding!
Have a nice mining!
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0.5 %
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Pool hashrate chart / Port 3333 / Difficulty 4G

claymore Claymore’s Dual Ethereum Recommended! BAT-file

		EthDcrMiner64.exe  -epool -ewal 0x2368EBf191e204843660cd73ae516597D77F9231 -epsw x -eres 0 -eworker rigName
rigNamename of rig. The name can not be longer than 8 characters.

phoenixminer PhoenixMiner Recommended! BAT-file

		PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal 0x2368EBf191e204843660cd73ae516597D77F9231 -pass x -coin pgc -worker rigName