FarmWatchBot – telegram-bot for complete control over your farms

We would like to present you a very useful program for monitoring and controlling your farms. The script was written by our friend (Acrefawn) and introduced the company of miners for use.

Version 1.9.9 – 12.04.2018

  • Ewbf [Equihash] – Ewbfautorun.bat
  • Dstm [Equihash] – Dstmautorun.bat
  • Claymore [Equihash] – ClayZECautorun.bat
  • Claymore [CryptoNote] – ClayXMRautorun.bat
  • Claymore [NeoScrypt] – ClayNSautorun.bat
  • Claymore [Ethash] – ClayETHautorun.bat
  • Ethminer [Ethash] – Ethrautorun.bat
  • Ccminer [Multialgo] – CCautorun.bat
  • Cast XMR [CryptoNote] – Castautorun.bat
  • Phoenix [Ethash] – Phnxautorun.bat

Download from GitHub

Author’s comment on bot:

Hi guys! FarmWatchBot (launch, autoran, gospod) from Acrefawn (me). Open source CMD / BAT file. If you find or fix an error, contact me immediately.! Together we can correct any errors, and also add functions to further automate the production process of crypto-currency.

First of all, I must say, this script was developed for me and for my friends to make the mining process simple and stable. The script controls the error handling process and takes some corrective measures, depending on the problem that occurs with the miner or the equipment. After running this script on my farm, I decided to share this script with the community.

Functionality is completely brought to mind, everything works without problems and errors. I thank those who spent the time and helped me improve this script. You worked for a common cause! The script is in active development. Any requests to add functionality, bug fixes, other changes are welcome..

If you use this script and consider it useful, it has stabilized your crypto currency output, please donate. It’s an open source project, and you do not have to pay for it. When I ask for donations, I do not mean exclusively monetary donations. You can sacrifice your LIKES, REPORTS and TESTIMONIALS. Many thanks!

Premium: If you are interested in a premium version, the price 20$ the equivalent in any crypto currency from the list above. The premium version prompts the user to use a specific set of commands via the bot telegram. This list includes such commands as: /config, /exit, /forget, /group, /info, /miner, /ping, /pool, /profile, /remember, /restart, /server, /shutdown, /startover, /status, /stop, /teamviewer, /online, /update. Also receive notifications from the bot when Rig is not online. Send a $ 20 equivalent in the Crypto currency to the donation address and contact me at Telegram for further instructions. Detailed documentation of premium teams.

Donut wallets:

  • ZEC: t1S8HRoMoyhBhwXq6zY5vHwqhd9MHSiHWKv
  • BTC: 1wdJBYkVromPoiYk82JfSGSSVVyFJnenB
  • LTC: LMQXFoKT5Y7me76Z7jF4rM7C8giQvzdBEs
  • ETH: 0x4a98909270621531dda26de63679c1c6fdcf32ea
  • ETC: 0x23f914ef283b06d5cdfe0aca6902edcac9211177

So, what can a bot:

  • Fine-tuning the extraction process using a file config.ini.
  • Production Process Control.
  • Monitoring the activity of GPU OC software such as MSI Afterburner, GIGABYTE Xtreme Gaming Engine, ASUS GPU Tweak II, EVGA Precision X, AORUS Gaming Engine, Palit Thunder Master and automatic restart if necessary. The ability to automatically enable the specified overclocking profile for MSI Afterburner.
  • Monitoring and control of the average hash. Information about the average hash, the last general hash, the current temperature, the pool server in the hour report The telegram of the bot.
  • The ability to start and monitor the activity of another miner or any other program (Minergate, TeamViewer, Storj, etc.).
  • Controlling the number of active GPUs based on the settings in config.ini or the last loaded configuration.
  • Possibility of periodic reboot of a miner or computer with specified time intervals.
  • Reboots the PC after critical errors. This script uses a list of errors that includes those errors that require a restart of the PC to solve the problem.
  • Monitoring the availability of the Internet. Reboot the PC at regular intervals if the connection is not restored.
  • Supports an additional server for backup mining when the main server is unavailable.
  • Control overheating GPU.
  • Check for the presence of the required files. Sorts logs in the “Logs” folder with the possibility of cleaning them. Logging in the autorun.log file. Errors, warnings, messages about successful start. Screenshots in case of errors and sorting them in a folder «Screenshots».
  • Sound notifications in case of error or any other situation requiring attention of the user.
  • Notifications via the bot telegram in case of any problems, corrective actions taken, hourly activity report.
  • Telegram commands to the bot for premium users with the ability to administer your Riga.
  • Уведомления для премиум-пользователей об офлайне Рига через Телеграм.


  1. Ignore SmartScreen, You can open .bat for editing and check that it is not a virus.
  2. Windows 10 Pro x64 Creators Update or higher (may not work for others).
  3. All overclocking programs must be set to in their default directories.
  4. Use the path, folder, file name .bat in English, without special characters and spaces.
  5. The presence of the miner.log file. The .bat script works with the data contained in your .log file. Make sure you added a special option to the file> config.ini . If you experience difficulties with the .log file or this script, delete the config.ini file and repeat the steps 2 and 3 instructions. These values already exist in config.ini by default, just do not delete them.
  6. It is recommended that you disable “User Account Control”.
  7. Right-click the CMD prompt window, then select “Properties” and uncheck “Quick Editing”.
  8. Powershell WMF 5.1 (for premium users Windows 7).
  9. Use the 24 hour format . (OS Date and Time Settings).
  10. Attention and lack of desire to pick code, write to me, I will do everything. And then sort out what happened, and what became, long and not interesting!
Main window view FarmWatchBot


  1. Download the .bat file from release pages GitHub (depending on which miner or algorithm you are going to use). Do not rename it.
  2. Move the .bat file to the Miner folder, double-click the .bat file. The new config.ini file will be created with the default settings on the first start.
  3. Close the CMD window and open the created config.ini file for editing. Configure the settings in this file according to your needs using notepad. The configuration file always has a higher priority than the variables inside the script.
  4. Add LABEL to the .bat file in your startup folder (WIN + R shell: startup). Run the .bat file if you are satisfied with the settings in the above files and enjoy the automation!

Telegram instruction (bot for one user):

  1. Add @FarmWatchBot in Telegram, this bot will send you notifications from your Rig.
  2. Write / start in the chat. The bot will notify you the ChatId number. Record this number in config.ini , in the chatid field, after =, instead of 0.
  3. In the config.ini file, find rigname and select a name for this computer. This is necessary if you want to receive notifications from multiple computers simultaneously through a single Telegram bot. Rigname helps you distinguish between computers.
  4. Setup is complete! Run the .bat file and everything should work.

Telegram instruction (a bot for a group of users):

  1. Create a group chat (not a channel). Invite your friends to this group. Invite the bot through the search, enter @FarmWatchBot or add the bot to the group using the “Add to group” button in the bot profile. This bot will send you notifications from your Rig.
  2. Write / start @ farmwatchbot in the group chat. The bot will tell you the ChatId number of this group, which starts with “-” (minus). Record this number with “-” (minus) in the config.ini file in the chatid field, after =, instead of 0.
  3. Setup is complete! Run the .bat file and everything should work.

Consultations, suggestions, wishes through Telegram:

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