Fork Ryo Currency (Lorentz Transform Running SOLO Pool (Testnet)

FFebruary 14, 2019 on the block number 228750, approximately at 15.00 (Moscow time), will be updated to version In this patch there will be 5 big updates, 2 of them for the first time among any Cryptonote projects + developed by the Ryo team, a unique, mining algorithm Cryptonight-GPU:

  • New, anonymous payment ID system.
  • Ring size increased to 25.
  • Bulletproof.
  • New algorithm for adjusting network difficulty.
  • New CN-GPU mining algorithm

More information you can find here

We are one of the first to launch SOLO Ryo Pool (RYO) on the New CN-GPU Algorithm.

At the moment, we have made a public testnet pool for preliminary testing and setting up video cards before the fork. After updating Lorentz Transform, the pool automatically switches to the core network. No additional actions from miners are required..

Customize your miners and farms – we are waiting for you at the start of mining after updating the network!

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