Pool Victorium (VIC). SOLO.
Setting up the connection
1. Get / Generate Address

Local wallets


Web wallet


Exchange, where you can get the address of the purse Victorium (VIC) for mining:

Wallet address example: 0x991940cbddb4069fe16acd7ea6cdc1d36656852d

2. Configure Mining

Claymore’s Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner
Example of a bat file:

		EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool vic-solo.baikalmine.com:3366 -ewal 0x991940cbddb4069fe16acd7ea6cdc1d36656852d -epsw x -allpools 1 -allcoins exp -gser 2 -eworker rig1 *
Download bat file
* – in the name of the rig should be no more than 8 characters.

Example of a bat file:

		ethminer -F vic-solo.baikalmine.com:8886/0x991940cbddb4069fe16acd7ea6cdc1d36656852d/rigName -U –farm-recheck 200 –cuda-parallel-hash 4 –cuda-block-size 768 –cuda-grid-size 20480
Download bat file
3. Rental of capacities

For Nicehash:

		ALGORITHM: Dagger-Hashimoto
HOST NAME STRATUM OR IP: vic-solo.baikalmine.com
PORT: 3366
USERNAME: 0x991940cbddb4069fe16acd7ea6cdc1d36656852d

For Miningrigrentals:

		Name: Victorium (SOLO) BaikalMine
Type: Dagger-Hashimoto
Host: vic-solo.baikalmine.com:3366
Workername (-u): 0x991940cbddb4069fe16acd7ea6cdc1d36656852d
Password (-p): # **
** – The “Lattice” symbol must be in the “Password” field! Otherwise, the connection to the pool will not occur.