Changes in the threshold of payments. Important!

Pay your attention! The pools have been updated due to the change in the minimum payout threshold on most coins!

Payment thresholds are automatically set at this time:

  • CLO – 250
  • DBIX – 1
  • ETHO – 5
  • MOAC – 2.1
  • MUSIC – 500
  • NILU – 50
  • NILU (SOLO) – 50
  • B2G – 3.1
  • ETC – 1
  • EXP – 1
  • PIRL – 2.5
  • REOSC – 125

If you are not satisfied with the current payout thresholds, then you can always change them manually in your personal account of the miner in the Set payment tab. The minimum possible threshold for manual installation is specified in the same tab.

important! If you decide to change the minimum payment to MOAC or B2G, then remember that there is a minimum threshold for crediting coins to the Coinbene exchange (the most popular at the moment for these coins). It is equal to the number of coins in the block (2 for MOAC and 3 for B2G). Amount different from the minimum possible for this exchange will not be credited!
Be careful.

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