Crypto currency MOAC – a serious competitor for Ethereum and EOS

The MOAC was created to compete for Ethereum and EOS in all respects. The network is formed on the basis of blockade technology. The management is based in China. When the ether appeared in the crypto-currency arena in 2015, many began to try to improve the system. If Ethereum was a second-generation crypto currency, then MOAC can be attributed to the third generation.

Pools for mining of MOAC began to be created, which allowed to receive coins with the help of equipment. This project can be called the progenitor of the BlockChain system. The technology is characterized by a complex architecture that allows you to transfer currency through microtransactions MicroChains.

Features of mining MOAC

Mining MOAC is available for everyone who has powerful equipment. The prospects of this project are promising and if you want to get a new investment tool, you can become a miner.

You will receive 2 tokens for each decrypted block. However, after every 12.5 million decoded blocks you will receive fewer coins. Generation of blocks for MOAC is performed every 10 seconds. The network of this coin uses a multilevel mechanism:

  • The first layer of the MOAC coin pool uses the POW system for transaction processing;
  • The upper layer uses PoS – this technology is responsible for faster processing of data.

In 2019, the updated P2P system will be launched. Owners of crypto currency will be able to use reliable storage in the network. Also, the development of a chip for EVM devices.

Is it mine it MOAC?

If you are still considering whether to register for the MOAC mining pool, we are ready to please you with the benefits of this project. The main advantages of the project are scalability, independence and compatibility.

Scalability is determined by the BlockChain Sharding technology. Independence was achieved through decentralization, and compatibility was made possible through cross-chains.

The MOAC system allows you to make payments, data warehouse transactions and transfers through smart contracts. In front of you is an updated block system that installs a microcomputer on the Smart Contract. This gives more opportunities for businessmen, since the project uses new solutions in terms of scalability.

Here is a promising coin that can outshine the airwaves. If management attracts a sufficient number of investors, the project will develop much faster.

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