MoneroV (XMV) – the best digital currency in the world

The Best Private Digital Currency in the World.

This is how the developers of MoneroV (XMV) hardcore are put on the pages of the official website of the coin. And very even justified. Let’s understand that we have prepared the first fork of one of the most powerful crypto-currency projects.

Пул майнинга MoneroV (XMV)

MoneroV is a private, anonymous, decentralized and protected currency based on the Monero blockbuster. A snapshot of the network will occur on the block # 1564965. Airdrop provides for the charging of XMV coins to all Monero holders in a ratio of 10 to 1 (for example, 0.5 XMR will be charged 5 XMV).
Any wallet that grants you access to your private keys will receive coins by the AirDrop system. The offered purses include the official purses GUI / CLI, as well as the web wallet You will receive coins about a few days after the snapshot of the network takes place (block 1564965).

The creators of the coin pay special attention to the security of the XMR and XMV holders during the snapshot and the launch of the network.

The Monero and MoneroV private keys, and by extension the XMR & XMV coins of holders, are completely safe as long as the official MoneroV wallet is being used to claim the MoneroV coins. The wallet’s source code and all other dependencies will be published and open sourced before it is released in its downloadable form.

Recommendations for safe participation in fork:

  • Store on the local XMR purse at the time of fork.
  • Wait for the official announcement of the purse MoneroV with open source.
  • Download the purse only from the official site or GitHub repository.
  • Extract your XMV in the official wallet at any time in the future.

Note: : You can extract XMV even from an empty wallet, provided that at the time of the shot, Monero was on it. In other words, you can send Monero to another purse before extracting XMV.

Чfor exchanges for trading XMV, official statements have already been made by HitBTC, CoinEx, BTC-alpha, Coinroom, Ovis & Octaex . It is expected that a little later they will join other exchanges.

Mining will start after the network is launched . According to the developers this should happen 1-2 days after the snapshot of the blockade. Approximately 5-6 May . About the exact date and time will become known later and we will certainly notify all our miners.

At its core MoneroV will use a new cryptographic algorithm – CriptoNightV7 . This is primarily to protect coins from the miners with Asics devices under the basic Monero algorithm. The algorithm is fully compatible to work on video cards. Actually, only the GPU-miners are creators and are oriented.

The most important tasks that MoneroV sets for itself, however, should be called a solution to the problem of network scalability, as well as a reduction in the commission for the conduct of transactions. Perhaps, these are the most important moments that the developers themselves.

MoneroV will have a limited amount of coins planned for emission, while the number of Monero coins is infinite. XMV will limit it to 256 million coins . Approximately 156 million of them will be AirDrop, and the remaining 100 million will be mined by the miners.

mining pool MoneroV (XMV)

Also an important task is the fight against botnets. As we all know it was under Monero created a bunch of different bots and hidden miners for the browser and not only. Many of them, among other things, also carry malicious functions.

Our pool completely shares the efforts and ideology of the creators of MoneroV and we, right after the start of the main network, launch our own XVM mining pool! In addition, we will launch 7 MoneroV network nodes. This will be very relevant and important for maintaining the entire infrastructure of the project, especially at the initial stage.

Detailed instructions on the beginning of the mining (where to get the purse, how to set up the miner, etc.) we will publish tomorrow, May 1, in a special material. follow the news.

We will keep our users informed of developments. Also, we recommend to join the official (Russian-speaking) group of the XMV project in telegrams – Monero Fork – MoneroV

Be sure to come to the start of coin mining. This project will undoubtedly have an impressive scope and implementation!

Worldwide Open Source Project.

MoneroV is a global open-source project promising to deliver a true private cryptocurrency that scales. MoneroV facilitates the desire to have a truly private and decentralized cryptocurrency that is also quick and easy for everyday use.

mining pool MoneroV (XMV)

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