We configure the MoneroV (XMV) mining on the pool

Very soon there will be a MonfortV (XMV) and we have prepared our own pool for this event. In this article, we would like to share our recommendations and instructions for successfully mining XMV on our pool. A full review of the new coin we published in yesterday’s material. If someone missed, then here’s link.

Very Important Information: after the launch of the main network, the developers will publish the source code of the software needed to run the mining pools. And it will take some time to fix everything. This is a general condition for everyone. As the creators of the coin themselves explained, this is done to ensure the protection of the network and miners from hacker attacks and the possibility of introducing malicious software. Before the start of the network, no one will receive any official software. In addition, there will be no test network:

…because the problem is that it can’t be published before because the seed nodes will be revealed and they will be attacked

In such equal conditions all pools will be. Mining will not start anywhere immediately after the start of the network – you will have to wait a little. You must take this into account when planning the mining of XMV and calmly wait for our announcement of the start of production in the telegram channel channel – https://t.me/baikalmine and the official coin telegram – https://t.me/monerov_ru.

Where to get a wallet for mining MoneroV?

For the XMV mining, the usual wallet from XMR (Monero). You must necessarily have a private key to it. If you do not already have a purse Monero, then just create it through official customer or through the service MyMonero. The main thing is to have a private key from it. After MoneroV’s official purse is published, you will retrieve your XMV from this address.
Updated: instruction for extracting XMV coins from XMR purse.
Updated: the official distributions of purses are available for download – https://monerov.org/

What software to use for mining XMV?

Updated: added the opportunity of mining directly to the stock exchange. In the configuration file of the miner the general rule will look like this:
Important! Please note that you must separate the address and id exactly by the symbol – @!

IMPORTANT! You can not use the FARM NAME (riga) in the configuration file or the bat file! Neither through “.”, Nor in any other form. WALLET WEDDING ONLY! Otherwise you just do not get your coins!

For CPU Mining.

Claymore CPU Miner. The bat file for the connection will look like this:

NsCpuCNMiner64.exe -o stratum+tcp://xmv.baikalmine.com:3333 -u YOUR_XMV_ADDRESS -p x -pow7 1

For GPU Mining.

The most optimal version of the mapleer AMDClaymore’s CryptoNote AMD GPU Miner (at the time of writing the most current version – v11.3). The bat file will look like this:

NsGpuCNMiner.exe -xpool stratum+tcp://xmv.baikalmine.com:5555 -xwal YOUR_XMV_ADDRESS -xpsw x -pow7 1

For mining on Nvidia video cards, the program is used Monero (XMR) NVIDIA miner (XMRig). In the same repository there is a version for AMD. Sample configuration file:

  "algo": "cryptonight",
  "background": false,
  "colors": true,
  "donate-level": 5,
  "log-file": null,
  "print-time": 60,
  "retries": 5,
  "retry-pause": 5,
  "threads": [ ],
  "pools": [
    "url": "xmv.baikalmine.com:5555",
    "user": "YOUR_XMV_ADDRESS",
    "pass": "x",
    "keepalive": true,
    "nicehash": false,
    "variant": -1
  "api": {
   "port": 0,
   "access-token": null,
   "worker-id": null

You can also use this link. This is an online bat file generator for XMRig with the specified user parameters. Very comfortably.

And one more minor client for Nvidia – XMR Stack. Unfortunately, it was not possible to test it. But judging by the feedback of users, everything works fine.

Ports for connection will be several: 3333, 5555, 5557 и 7777 – depending on the processing power of your equipment.

PortStart difficultyDescription
555525000GPU (1-4 cards)
555750000GPU (4-8 cards)
7777250000Powerful farms and Nicehash

If you have not encountered this mining algorithm before, then we want to warn you that the measurements here are not in MH (megashes), as we say in the popular Ethash, but in H and KH. It is also worth noting that the algorithm is not so energy-intensive, in comparison with others. Because of what the cards are not so hot and keep a very acceptable temperature.

In general, this is all the most basic information a user should have to successfully start MoneroV (XMV) on our pool.

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Пул майнинга MoneroV (XMV)

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