Nilu (NILU) Mining Pool Nilu (NILU). PPLNS.
General statistics
Min. pay
Pool fee
0.5 %
Pool luck
Pool hashrate
Network hashrate
New blocks
Total blocks
Last block
Pool hashrate chart / Port 3322 / Difficulty 4G

claymore Claymore’s Dual Ethereum Recommended! BAT-file

		EthDcrMiner64.exe  -epool -ewal 0x26239ee4dfb9a08c76611bd9175fdc6c527b16ca -epsw x -eres 0 -eworker rigName
rigNamename of rig. The name can not be longer than 8 characters.

phoenixminer PhoenixMiner Recommended! BAT-file

		PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal 0x26239ee4dfb9a08c76611bd9175fdc6c527b16ca -pass x -coin pgc -worker rigName