Mining Pool Nekonium (NUKO). PPLNS.
General statistics
Min. pay
0.5 NUKO
Pool fee
0.5 %
Pool luck
Pool hashrate
Network hashrate
Price BTC
New blocks
Total blocks
Last block
Price USD
Profitability calculator
= NUKO / USD (24H)
Pool hashrate chart Difficulty mining 4G
Claymore’s Dual Ethereum (port 3377)
EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0xa5B17242B777acF27C3146fB4cc3CaF74a51AD03 -epsw x -allpools 1 -allcoins exp -gser 2 -eworker nameRig
Ethminer (port 8887)
ethminer -F -U --farm-recheck 200  --cuda-parallel-hash 4 --cuda-block-size 768 --cuda-grid-size 20480

* wallet address 0xa5B17242B777acF27C3146fB4cc3CaF74a51AD03 replace with your.
** Worker name nameRig. Can be changed to any other. The name can not exceed 8 characters.