Updating the pool engine on MoneroV (XMV)

We are glad to inform you that the work on updating the MoneroV pool software (XMV) was successful! So, what’s new:

  • Fixed incorrect display of addresses with payment ID in the general list of miners.
  • Fixed display of graphical statistics for addresses with payment id.
  • Added support for integrated addresses.
  • Now you can use the names of rigs. They are displayed in the personal statistics of the miner. As a rule, the name of the rig is specified in the configuration file in the password field.
  • Possibility of installing the miner in manual mode with a minimum payout to its address. To do this, switch to the “Set up payments” tab and enter the purse, ip (from which the farm is connected to the pool) and the amount value. Minimum of 0.5 XMV.
  • Telegram-notification (at the testing stage).
  • Correcting errors and improving the security of the pool.

In turn, a few more significant improvements and improvements, but about them in their time 😉

Join us – we are waiting for you on our pool!

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