Review Akroma Coin

Review Akroma Coin

In the network Ethereum regularly appear new block projects. Some of them are of interest, thanks to the opportunities offered to users. Based on the technology of smart contracts, they provide a high level of reliability and security. Some developers create platforms that develop the idea created by the team of Vitalik Buterin. These include the creators of Akroma coin (AKA). The project successfully conducted the ICO and launched the main network.

Currently, there are beta tests of applications on Android and iOS, the master programs are launched. The next stage was listing on crypto-exchange exchanges. Also in the near future, the creation of the Akroma Foundation.

About the projectе

The idea of a mass launch of decentralized applications is not new. It was invented not in the office of Ethereum, but much earlier. Such blocking platforms as Akroma became the next generation. They more effectively solve the problems of scaling, and lack many of the disadvantages related to transaction security. A new economic model is being promoted, based on the principle of self-financing. Decentralization, lack of censorship and other restrictions will allow developers using the Acroma Oracle platform to effectively promote start-ups and develop any initiatives. Means of internal payment is Akroma coin – the official token of the project.

  • This is an ERC20-token using the standard Ethash algorithm.
  • Users are offered two mechanisms, familiar to the crypt – PoW and PoS.
  • You can create master log (input from 5000 coins) or mine.
  • The cost of AKA-token at the time of preparation of the material was $ 0.14.
  • Reward for block – 9+1.

Someone prefers to mine such resources on their own, using only the limited capabilities of their own farm, someone else is trying to make money literally from the air, tormenting the programs of cloud mining. There are also those who think more broadly and unite in real concessions to increase efficiency and increase profitability. For this they, for example, can combine computing power by joining their colleagues at Akroma pool and speeding up the process of extracting new units.

The advantage of the second method is obvious, since it saves time and resources, getting a guaranteed reward shared between the participants. Now the number of users who are connected to Akroma pool is growing, thanks to the popularity of the project itself. Successful token and access to GRAVIEX and shows interest in the novelty. Listing at larger sites is predicted to lead to an increase in the exchange rate.

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