Overview of the coin Ether-1 (ETHO).

Coin Ether-1 coin is the etherium forfeit, that is, the ERC-20 token, operating in the general network of the block. According to the developer, the crypt is designed to motivate people to make a general contribution to the creation of an effective consensus mechanism. It should also encourage users to manage their projects. A scheme similar to DNS is used for data transmission. This will ensure the integrity of the system on the basis of public consent.

From idea to solution

The problem of a modern global network is the centralization and monopoly of corporations to access information and the rules they create. In fact, the free Internet has died at a time when companies like Google or Facebook have received a controlling stake in our network activity. Blocking and the idea of ​​decentralization with immutable content, absolute transparency, fair voting and the absence of the possibility of hacking accounts – this is what the project promises, within which the ETHO coin token will become a payment unit for internal settlements. Democracy in the network is a reality, not a beautiful utopia from cyberpunk-fantasy authors.

How often do people find that spam is being sent from their social accounts or are they being hijacked by hackers? In a distributed system, an attacker would have to take control of up to 90% of the network in order to obtain similar opportunities.

Recently, all major platforms have banned advertising tokens and ICO. This would not be possible in the context of decentralization. If the proposed idea finds a response from millions of users, the winners will be ordinary people, investors and token-holders, small businesses, creators of block-start-ups. In general, everything, except mega-corporations, trying to keep everything in their hands.

Going to the official site, you will see the most important news – Mainnet launched. Here are the main characteristics that the company-developer:

  • Algorithm for hashing Ether-1 coin – Ethash;
  • the confirmation – Proof of Work;
  • Tokensaela and pre-Mina are not provided for;
  • Block time – 13 sec.;
  • Network hashit – 51.53 GH / s (at the time of writing the survey);
  • The reward for the block is 13 coins, of which 10 are miners;
  • Our ETHO Mining Pool.
ETHO pool

In June 2018, listing is planned on trading floors, including Cryptopia. Further in the course of the summer, master versions will be deployed in two versions. The first provides for large investments at the entrance and a high level of rewards. The second is designed for less secure miners.

ETHO coin plans for the end of the year include the deployment of decentralized hosting. Planned beta public decentralized forum.

Of the obvious advantages over competitors’ products – high speed of transactions, effective network scaling. A user who hosts a website on the platform will receive a top-level domain. It’s very similar to classic hosting, but with advanced features and a high level of security.

While others did not go further than publishing the road map and a beautiful PDF with whitepaper, this developer made a release, offers a ready-made solution, issued an official purse. And already now you can earn on this coin, and not in a foggy future.

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