What happened to the Cryptopia exchange?

17.02.18 at the Cryptopia Exchange Pirl and Hush wallets (and not only) stopped working. Totally about 50 coins are off. Prior to this, this happened quite often (the mode of servicing the wallet is the usual thing), but all problems were solved in 1-2 days. The current situation began to disturb not only us, but entire communities (in the same Pirl’s discord, there is a wild discussion of this problem)

Since no statements from the stock exchange or its representatives have been received (I do not say anything about tickers), we decided to look for information on the network ourselves. And as always happens, it was not necessary to look for a long time. The statements were still there and just had to look at the right place 🙂 The answer was found on the official website of the Cryptopia stock exchange.

It turned out that the representatives of the exchange foresaw us a day before the start of those. works on the stock exchange (the news is dated February 16). Here is what is stated in the official statement:

If vkrtats, then the essence of the following. The exchange states that there are problems with D/W due to a large number of transactions and as a consequence, an increase in the processing time of these transactions (well, we know it already) and that they are trying to fix it. And also promise that by next week this problem will disappear altogether.

onfirmation of these words, as well as a more detailed explanation was found on the forum bitcointalk. There, a person who introduced himself as a close source to the representatives of the exchange explained that the problem of I / O coins delay appeared because of a huge influx of new customers into Cryptopia (in particular in December and early January). Exchange servers stupidly failed with this load. In this connection, the management decided to optimize its computing resources to maintain the normal operation of the exchange (it seems that they simply increase the number of servers). By the way, many exchanges simply introduced a ban on registration for new customers, so as not to bother with the technical part.

In the light of this news, everything (more or less) is falling into place.

Even greater clarity is made by today’s news on the website of the exchange:

It is confirmed from the above text that they are still working on optimizing the exchange (as they wrote at first, about 50 coins were off), and also indicate that all this can take up to 2 weeks.
That’s it.

The whole list of coins of coins currently in service can be found on the page CoinInfo

What is left for simple miners and traders to do? The answer is simple – wait.

Our miners, we would still recommend installing a “cold” wallet Pirl and Hush and to mine directly on them (or take advantage of Web version of the wallet).

We believe that this will be much calmer and you will always keep your coins under control, rather than looking at the block of the explorer and counting how much should come to Cryptopia after the purse does begin its work

And one more important point about Cryptopia. Polistav forum exchanges stumbled upon a huge number of posts that users steal money inside the exchange itself. Those. Coins miraculously flow from your account to someone else. How and why it goes, we did not find any official statements. It is also unclear how such questions are then resolved.

Always be vigilant and do not store a large amount of money on any of the exchanges.

I hope we managed to answer the most frequent question recently. Exchange is preparing to resume work, but will have to wait more.

We will keep track of new information.

Team Baikalmine.

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